Never Trump

“Enterprises struggle because they are internally conflicted. To resolve these conflicts they must segment the enterprise into distinct management zones, each with its own methods and metrics.” ~ Geoffrey Moore, business consultant, teacher, author of “Crossing the Chasm” series of business books.

And this lesson is equally true in government and politics. Obfuscation, “resist,” never-Trumpism, No-Bama, filibuster, are just a few examples of irresponsible behaviors in government and politics. And the feedback loop is blocked by too much secrecy, which prevents oversight and management. The first thing that must end is secrecy in government.  Secrecy is the enabler of feudalism, you know, those sweet, private deals by politicians and cronies.  They are anathema to the rule of law in a republic.

But that is how so-called government is done today.  You might as well bring mad King George back from the dead.




About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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