This revolution will not be televised

If you don’t start publicly and continuously busting their balls, they will continue to run over you. It’s not enough to let Donald do it. Fixing the corruption requires you to help. To give Americans some perspective, for example, take a look at the Mayor of London, England and his on-going Islamic crime sprees which he expects UK citizens to “get used to,” or the Prime Minister of the UK, who is actively working against the democratic vote by UK citizens to exit the European Union. (She knew Brexit was her task when she ran for the job.) Some UK ministers have resigned from UK Prime Minister May’s cabinet, to their credit. While here in America our “leaders” give or sell fighter jets and other weapons technologies to our enemies, and fund, train and arm the same radical islamic terrorists who killed our military men and woman …and our former “leader” is still walking the streets under armed guard (which we we pay for and we pay his retirement) fomenting revolution against his successor.


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Life sciences executive, retired
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