Gerrymander control of elections

Listen up. It’s all about controlling the vote in the Electoral College and Congress. The number of Electors in the Electoral College [which elects the President] and the number of U.S. Representatives in the U.S. House is apportioned by the total number of residents (legal + illegal) in districts, not by the number of citizens, and not by the number of registered voters. In other words, amnesty is a political weapon. This is according to a Supreme Court decision against Texas and a Texas voter during the Obama administration, under the theory of one man one vote. This is the real and hidden reason for sanctuary cities, counties, states. They don’t want and don’t care if illegal aliens vote or not, legally or not. It does not matter with regard to control of Congress nor with regard to electing the President. Americans must pay attention and end this amnesty travesty. It may already be too late unless we deport illegals before the 2020 Census, which determines the next re-apportionment of the Electoral College and U.S. House.

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Life sciences executive, retired
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