Revolution comes from the left, revelation from the right, update

Revolution comes from the left and revelation from the right. This is not name-calling, it’s an observation of life.

Ideologies collapse under their own weight because they were created atomistically…they are theories created in isolation (which is normal) but then not reconnected and tested against the empirical realities of life before being put into practice.  In other words, they are impractical.  As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”   Ideologies are subsets of reality that may be totally rational as a subset theory, but collapse when interconnected to the facts of reality.  The theoretician did not connect all the dots. Thus, Keynesian economics collapses. Socialism and communism collapse.  Atheism collapses.  Moral relativism collapses.

Fascists and tyrants almost always are overthrown in violence by the people or war.  When people spend their lives, energies, resources and hopes on ideologies and then their ideology collapses, these people become angry and hateful.  Rage and hate can come from any direction, but like today, it usually comes from the left because the left tends to cling to ideologies and disregards natural connections.  A successful model is to overthrow the tyrannies when their direction becomes clear and before they entrench their power in government.

Absolutes come from the right.  Those absolutes were always there as natural laws but we progressively become not aware of them as we go through life, or we ignore or forget them.  They come back as revelations.

Liberty is the absence of ideology.  The path which increases liberty provides the best chance to adapt to the natural changes in life.  But our intuition about change is not always correct.  We tend to overlook the many but reproducible fractals that occur in the natural absolutes.  In the real world, change over time is rarely if ever a straight rational line from point A to point B.  It is a curve-fitting, an adaptation.  Ideologies inhibit if not prohibit adaptation, denying liberty.

Contrary to the commonly accepted belief about Darwin’s theory of evolution, that it is the strongest who survive, Darwin did not say that.  It is not the strongest, but rather it is the most adaptable that survive.

140 million years ago birds were reptiles.  And almost all of that genetic code is still in your DNA today, in addition to the genetic code of bacteria and most other forms of life.    At the present rate of expanding knowledge, humans will be able to personally control and change their DNA code and other forms of biological code in 100 years or less.  However, there will be fractals of natural laws of which we are not yet aware because we are living among them and discovering them as we go.  For example, the first humans who decide to grow wings and fly may also discover that they cannot also regenerate their internal organs and thus cannot extend their lifespan.  Or those who decide to extend their lifespan indefinitely may also discover that they are unable to have children.  Fractals are the natural changes in absolute laws which occur at event horizons.  Today, we cannot predict what the outcome of these experimental events will be, but a natural law (Entropy always increases and is thermodynamically irreversible) says that these experiments in adaptation will occur.  Life is an expanding fractal.

Life will continue changing and expanding.  Adaptation is accepted theory, natural law, not an ideology which is a fixed rationale.  Resistance to adaption is futile and eventually self defeating.  This means that you should discriminate.  Discrimination is itself a natural law of survival.  Discrimination is hardwired into your genetics.  It is a natural survival mechanism.  But that does not mean you put on a brown shirt or pink pussy hat and hang someone.  It does mean you should discriminate against and be prepared to fight – to the death if necessary – those brown shirts and pink pussy hats when they attack.  And they will attack.  It is the nature of irrational ideologies.

The immune system is the origin of the entire nervous system including the brain. It is fundamentally a system of discrimination and self defense based on fractal differentiation, that is, a testing of fractal molecular variations until a successful form fits.  Denial of your natural ability to discriminate, to decide, to judge what is best for yourself and your family is a fundamental denial of nature itself, a denial of reality.  Reject political correctness.  Reject anti-discrimination laws.

Increasing government control by ANY mechanism contradicts the natural law of entropy.  When you join a community, you are giving up some control of your life.  You will have to fight to get back that control.  It is obviously moving in the wrong direction, which is moving in the direction of self-destruction.  It is a compromise that people make to live in civil society or families.

The objective of government or the bureaucracy is to maintain the status quo for those in power.  Growth of the bureaucracy is built into the technology of government management of the people.  That is what is known as “technocracy” or The Technological Society.  Government and management use techniques to manage you and your expectations.

In stark contrast, the genius objective embedded in the U.S. Constitution – including its first 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights – is to protect the people from their government, that is to limit government to the activities specifically authorized by the states and the people.  Don’t believe me.  Read the papers of the founders and framers to discover their genius.

Anyone wishing to subvert and change the Constitution is your ideological enemy, a brown shirt in a pink pussy hat, and that demonstrably includes elected politicians and bureaucrats including the U.S. Supreme Court.  Their intent and actions are to defeat liberty by blurring the clear lines drawn of authority and compromise designed into the Constitution.  They want to make it a “living document.”  They create crises and then introduce confusion ultimately designed to persuade you to make changes which defy natural laws.  Do not tolerate it.  Reject it.

For example, redistribution of wealth by anything other than the freely shared gift by an individual giving is rejection of natural law.  Period.  Redistribution requires acceptance of unproven hypotheses of collective consciousness.  There is no collective consciousness for humans in this life, except in Hollywood movies and string theory.  This is true regardless if it is proposed by a church, a government or a non-governmental organization and for whatever reason it might be proposed.  That does not mean there is no empathy or sympathy.  Those are emotional responses.  They want you to compare collective consciousness to the Spirit, so that they can erase it.  This short essay is about rational thought.

The hypothesis of a collective consciousness, like ants or bees or The Borg working together sympathetically, which is currently hotly and in vogue in many Hollywood movies and books such as “Inception.”  It is derived from the ideology of “social justice.”  This is an ideology, as opposed to theory or a law, which has not been empirically tested or verified by facts in the real world. No doubt about it, a belief is a fact.  But first you must believe, before you can test it.  Anything else is a miracle of Grace.

Moral equivalence, or moral relativity, multi-culturalism and supposed “rights” (which are really choices, such as the supposed right to health care, or the right to not be discriminated against by one individual against another, well that is pure propaganda.  The U.S. Constitution was designed to prevent the government from discriminating for or against a group.  It was not designed and never intended to prevent YOUR natural rights of discrimination.  The U.S. Supreme Court, government in all its forms, and myriad so-called “progressive” organizations try vigorously and relentlessly to convince you that you must not discriminate.  That is a lie from ideologues who are blind to reality.  All we must do is wait for them to self-defeat.  Do not take a walk in the wild with them, unless you are armed for bear or wolf.  But that lie is the in-vogue means of persuasion for political conspirators to control you.  A free man will stand against it with all his being.

So-called “social justice” is the ideology derived from collectivism.  It is being used, has been used, since the 1950’s, to ‘close the American mind’ in the words of the late philosopher Allan Bloom.  Everything, for example the social cost of carbon, your housing, your transportation, your income, your family size, will be based on “social justice” if you do not resist.  Our Millennials and late generations understand this, though I have found very few who can explain it.  If you believe take up the so-called “progressive” mantra, pink pussy hats, occupy Wall Street, BLM, Antifada, OFA, et al, then you are a brown shirt signing up for Aryanism, Nihilism, more divisiveness and more of the everlasting war predicted in the dystopian book “1984” by George Orwell.

The closest thing I have seen in my lifetime to this ideological crisis which is upon America is when the people of Russia overthrew the government of the Soviet Union.


Original version:  Revolution comes from the left, revelation from the right.

Posted on January 8, 2013

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Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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