NK, Musk and Rex

I mentioned to a few friends that Trump should deny China its massive exports to the U.S. electronics market if China does not contain its NK ally’s nuclear weapons ambitions.  Trump did much better.  He placed tariffs to protect U.S. rust belt products like steel, which has the same effect on China with regard to getting NK to the nuke negotiating table, and, at the same time, helps U.S. industries and workers that have been decimated by foreign trade.  Genius.

NK’s over-strategic great leader understood immediately.

Elon Musk understood immediately.

Good ole boy Rex Tillerson did not.

And now it appears that President Trump realized he was misled by his intel agencies on Syria’s supposed use of chemical weapons, the red line in the sand crossed by U.S. clandestine services but Syria did not.  Bombing Syria and other countries with more than 20,000 expensive drones helps the U.S. military industrial complex, but will not make America great again.

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