Rising sea level?

The world’s leading authority on sea level says: Sea level “Absolutely stable.” … Poor quality data from “Office perps”…UN IPCC “False.” Oceanography professor Nils-Axel Mörner tells science journalist Alex Reichmuth of the Basel, Switzerland newspaper that climate and sea level science has been completely politicized and hijacked by an activist agenda and has become a “quasi religion.” Mörner warns readers that the UN IPCC was set up from the get-go with the foregone conclusion man was warming the globe and changing the climate: Mörner says: “And it is sticking to that like a dogma – no matter what the facts are.”
He recently visited the Fiji islands for research. When asked if sea level rise poses a problem for the islands, Mörner answers with one simple word: “No.”
“Publishers of scientific journals no longer accept papers that challenge the claims made by the IPCC, no matter the paper’s quality.”
The interview is in German. Google or Google Chrome will translate.
Note, “absolutely stable” does NOT mean that sea level is not increasing. Sea level has been increasing slowly and steadily since the last ice age began receding. He means that the rate of increase has been “absolutely stable” with no acceleration due to humans or human use of fossil fuels, as is fraudulently claimed by global warming alarmists. The rate of increase has been stable, not accelerating. In geological terms, we are still in the last ice age. Technically, the last ice age has not ended until there is no longer year-round ice glaciation at the Earth’s poles. The glaciation in Antarctica today is miles deep and growing.
In a separate study, scientists from British Columbia find that Tuvalu, which was claimed to be sinking and a prime victim of climate change, is actually rising. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-02954-1
Here is a review of the study regarding the ‘sinking’ Pacific nation that is getting bigger:
February 9, 2018

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