Obama’s been spyin’ and lyin’

Wow. There will be arrests. Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova explains the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy.” diGenova, connects the dots on former Obama administration DOJ and FBI officials who may have “violated the law, perhaps committed crimes” to politicize law enforcement and surveillance against political opponents. He says former FBI Director James Comey conducted a fake criminal investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they “followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, with no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrants. That’s not an investigation. That’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce.”

Among many other revelations, Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) in the Obama administration and still today, told presidential candidate Donald Trump that Trump’s campaign headquarters in Trump Tower was being wire tapped by the Obama administration. Candidate Trump announced that in a tweet. Obama’s head of the FBI, head of the CIA, etc publicly denied that was happening and the mainstream media and progressive social media piled on candidate Trump. Trump moved his campaign headquarters to New Jersey until Trump Tower could be de-bugged. That spying by the Obama administration, which was disclosed to Hillary Clinton and her campaign, was done under a FISA warrant obtained by the FBI and DOJ with information they knew to be false.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not prosecute these crimes, then Sessions will be obstructing justice.

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