On the ethics of education

The Press, or so it is called, says it is admirable for billionaires to donate to educate Africans.  Perhaps today’s Press would take exception to Donald Trump.  The questions that they and everyone else have not examined are: who is in control of the curriculum and what exactly is their curriculum and its purposes.


It is rather like making Hawaii a state, or territory, or protectorate, or making all Koreans citizens of Japan, or by force of government making all religions or races or ethnic groups or behavior subservient to one, and on top of that, telling them that they could not practice their customs, language, religion or dress.

Perhaps I have missed this discussion somewhere.  I hope so.  I have to ask: given the sad state of our education system today, what exactly are they teaching and planning to teach these people with their millions of dollars?

Let’s assume for starters that their intentions are 100% good and honorable.

January 24, 2018 Holualoa

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Life sciences executive, retired
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