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Did you know this? Contrary to what you are being told, of 407 people who perpetrated terrorist events in the U.S. since 2001, one hundred twenty-one (121) or 29% were Muslim converts and two hundred and sixty-eight (268) or 66% were long time Muslims. Eleven (11) or 2.7% were non-Muslims, and six (6) or 1.5% were of unknown ideology. Ninety-five point eight percent (95.8%) of terrorists were Muslims.

Terror incident

Of 224 terrorist events since 2001 where at least 1 person was killed other than the terrorist, 202 (or 91%) of those events were perpetrated by Muslim jihadists, resulting in 261 dead (81.5% of total dead) and 368 wounded. Two events were perpetrated by “black separatists/nationalists” resulting in 8 dead (2.6% of total dead) and 11 wounded. Twenty (20) events were classified as “far right wing” resulting in 51 dead (7.1% of total dead) and 29 wounded. (Note far right wing includes events like bank robberies and flying a plane into an IRS building if the perpetrator were associated with right wing causes.)

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