Cultural Marxism

There is an excellent article at this link immediately below.  This is how cultural Marxism (the philosophy driving Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders,  Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel) destroys nations.  Read it and weep for your nation, but steel yourself.  Be prepared.  They are coming for us all.

The article at the following link is also excellent.  It is authored by the professors discussed in the above link.

This is not idle speculation for a coffee shop conversation or philosophy class.  Activists are at it full time and well funded.


The End of the World as We Know It, with Mark Steyn


Thomas Sowell – The Reality Of Multiculturalism


“There is a plan and design – as our former President Barack Obama stated – “to fundamentally transform America”. This came straight from the communist community organizer himself.”

“The Marxists create an underclass, a disadvantaged group of victims – then they create an oppressor – and foment class envy and hatred resulting in violent protest which brings about the “change” or “transformation” ushered in by our enlightened and complicit leadership.”

“This is a complex situation and there are multifaceted attacks on America… however, understand that the ultimate goal despite the representations… is the destruction of America as we “knew” it. I for one hate to see it passing away… for so goes the original American ideal and limited constitutional government… so goes freedom and liberty in the world replaced by leftist fascism.”-

~ Daniel Rudd (Hat tip Aleen Realmuto)

Goals of Marxism

This is Marxism today: 


The Future of European Civilization: Lessons for America (Video) at this link below.   “America has much to learn from Europe’s current condition. The decline in religious faith has led to a universal weakening of European society and a loss of confidence in the value of its civilization. And the effects have been grave: throngs of unassimilated immigrants, military threats from abroad, and confusion about national identity. America, by contrast, still shows many signs of strength. Nonetheless, should we lose our sense of shared identity, Europe’s path likely awaits. What can Americans learn from Europe? Does America have hidden strengths which, if properly used, will allow us to avoid a similar fate? And are there areas in which Europe is faring better than we are?”

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