Where is the prosecution of this vote corruption?

Dear Senators,  Dear Congressman;

Where is the investigation and prosecution of Mr. Creamer and the others who were caught on camera admitting to planning violence at Trump /Pence campaign rallies, acknowledged vote fraud, acknowledged coordination with Democrat National Committee, and on official White House records meeting Obama admin people many times and with Obama himself?





“The [Project Veritas] investigation, which was released in a four-part video series throughout the months of October and November, exposed political corruption within the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The video investigation– which received media coverage from every single mainstream media outlet, trended on social media worldwide, and was a topic of debate during one of the Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton– had a monumental effect on the 2016 presidential election.”


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    • budbromley says:

      What does one say to individuals or groups who are following a recipe put forth by a couple on students in the mid 1800’s which resulted in over 100,000,000 dead followers of that recipe, not to mention the number of dead opponents?


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