The climate scam

Here is an clear example of how global elites are attempting to scam you for trillions of dollars for the rest of your life. This graphic is in an alarming report by Vinod Thomas, formerly of the World Bank.

Vinod's fake warming Brookings

The report is anti-Trump, pro-Paris Agreement and published by The Brookings Institution. Brookings is supposedly a reputable, trustworthy organization and this report probably will be reported in mainstream media. However, contrary to the impression presented by this deceitful graphic, neither average temperatures nor temperature anomaly have increased by 10 degrees C, and, using real world data those two trend lines do not overlap but diverge. The divergence of these two trends is evidence against human-caused global warming. I hesitate to post the link to such shabby work, but here it is for reference. (In the report at the link see Figure 2: Carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations at Mauna Loa and global annual temperature anomaly: 1959–2014.)…/future-development/2017/06/05/t… Hat tip:

This graphic below shows the same two trends as the graphic above but instead using data from the pro-global warming Hadley research unit in the UK’s climate bureaucracy. The time periods are not identical but they overlap.

Hadley Temp vs CO2

These two graphs below show the difference between temperature and temperature anomaly.   BTemp vs temp anomaly graphic

Below is global air temperature average according to NASA’s GISS unit at Columbia University in Manhattan. 


Below is the average global CO2 concentration, plotted by Dr. Roy Spencer, former NASA scientist.

Chart by Dr Roy Spencer

Oh, and by the way, the World Bank is managing the $1 Billion that Obama already illegally contributed on your behalf to the UN’s Green Climate Fund. They will be loaning it to third world countries, whatever is left of it after UN bureaucrats take what they want.

Much to do about nothing, except of course that the governments of 194 countries, the UN, the EU, a large number of global corporations, most of mainstream media, many NGOs, and global elites want to tax you trillions of dollars.




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