Disarming Minorities (repost)

And this will be my last post tonight, honest.

The only objection consistently raised to the seemingly modest and sensible sounding idea of requiring that voters present a photographic id is that it is discriminatory toward minorities. In fact, while I think that’s both a little silly and a lot condescending, it’s actually the only specific objection I’ve *ever* heard.

I would encourage anyone who believes that this criticism is valid to consider the extensive identification requirements associated with gun purchases. Because I think it is logically inescapable that, if the requirement of a photographic id from a voter is discriminatory against minorities, then so must be the requirement of a photographic id from a gun purchaser.

Which begs the obvious question, my dear pro-gun-control friends: why are you comfortable with differentially disarming black people?

~ Hank Racette


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Life sciences executive, retired
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