Global wrong

Here is a lecture by Professor Murray Salby, PhD (GA Tech) formerly at Macquarie Univ in Sydney, Australia, and now at University College London, England.

$360 TRILLION. $20,000 for every human on earth. Prof Salby says this is the estimated cost of the global warming/climate agreement signed at the 2015 UN Paris climate conference. Salby carefully explains in layman’s terms why this agreement, and the so-called science behind it, are wrong.

Obama/Kerry already deposited $500 million in the UN’s Green Climate Fund pursuant to the Paris Agreement.  That’s just a deposit on the $3 billion Obama/Kerry committed U.S. taxpayers to pay over 4 years.  Over 150 nations signed the agreement. The UK’s Guardian newspaper headlined: “Paris climate change agreement: the world’s greatest diplomatic success.” All wrong.


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Bud is a retired life sciences executive. Bud's entrepreneurial leadership exceeded three decades. He was the senior business development, marketing and sales executive at four public corporations, each company a supplier of analytical and life sciences instrumentation, software, consumables and service. Prior to those positions, his 19 year career in Hewlett-Packard Company's Analytical Products Group included worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Bioscience Products, Global Accounts and the International Olympic Committee, as well as international management assignments based in Japan and Latin America. Bud has visited and worked in more than 65 countries and lived and worked in 3 countries.
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  1. budbromley says:

    I have not said anything or implied anything about Whirledpublishinggmailcom, nor has this person posted references to science papers or links on my blog.


  2. budbromley says:

    A very large part of the Larson C ice shelf is calving off from the rest of the Larson C ice shelf which is connected to the glaciers on the Antarctic peninsula. It is very large and extends hundreds of feet above sea level and more than 800 feet below sea level. You can read more about it here.

    However, the Larsen C ice shelf is already floating. It is not about to slide off of the Antarctica continent into the ocean. It is already floating in the ocean and displacing all of the water that it can displace. Sea levels will not rise to any significant amount due to this Larsen C ice shelf cracking off and floating freely in the ocean.

    Some scientists are concerned that when the Larson C shelf finally completes cracking off from the remainder of the Larson C ice shelf it will structurally destabilize the rest of the Larson shelf, resulting in further calving, and eventually destabilize the glaciers which are on land behind the ice shelf. IF and only if those glaciers are structurally de-stabilized and slide into the ocean or if they begin to melt faster than ice is accumulating elsewhere on glaciers, then sea levels could rise. But these are two big IFs and no one knows if either will occur.

    Presently, Antarctica is accumulating more new ice on its glaciers than is being lost by melting of all other glaciers worldwide. (In other words, the glaciers on Antarctica are growing, resulting in lowering of sea level to offset melting in glaciers elsewhere.) As the glaciers grow and deepen, gravity causes the glaciers to slowly flow toward the sea. The mass of the deep inland glaciers pushes relentlessly over centuries down and outward to the coastline and then outward into the ocean where it is known as an ice shelf. When pieces of the ice shelf crack off, an almost continuous process known as calving, this does not raise sea level. The ice shelf is already floating. The water was displaced when the glacier moved glacially, slowly into the ocean.

    Imagine a giant ship carrying a giant block of ice. If that ice is dumped into the sea, sea level will not rise. However, the ship will ride higher in the water.


    • Where do you get the idea I don’t know the difference between Larsen C and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet? Why assume the difference in size between Delaware and Mexico escapes my intelligence?

      Delaware is less than 2,500 sq miles – that’s the size of Larsen C that’s breaking off in the Weddell Sea – which is south of the Atlantic Ocean.

      Mexico is over 760,000 square miles – which is a ballpark estimate for the size of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet that’s sliding into the sea – south of the South Pacific.

      These are two completely different topics. I have not – in any way – confused them.

      Larsen C serves as a cork stopper for the glaciers that flow into it – which are far more dangerous than the loss of of Larsen C alone.

      You’re intelligent enough to comprehend the difference between 2,500 and 760,000 so I find it curious that you assumed I’m unable to comprehend the difference.

      Why be unwilling to acknowledge I might know more about the Antarctic glaciers, ice shelves, volcanoes, seamounts and ocean currents and sea temperatures than you? Have you been studying Antarctica nearly 20 years? Have you studied the history of Antarctica going back over 500 years?

      Are you a Doctoral Scholar that’s been studying chemistry, physics, geological anomalies, cataclysms, glacial melt, floods, quakes, volcanic activity, fissures, landslides and sinkholes across the world for decades? Have you studied the forces that have caused the tectonic plates to crack and break?

      Reports that the Antarctic ice is accumulating are disinfo.

      The truth is found in videos and photos of the Antarctic ice shelves and glaciers that go back over 100 years and in captains’ logs – and other historic records – that go back hundreds of years.

      I’ve explained to you that the public is being lied to. I’ve explained to you why the dangers coming from Antarctica are far more life-threatening than the public is being told. You prefer to believe the imbeciles-on-parade – even though I explained why their reports are disinfo. I explained why the 2017 reports on the Antarctic sea ice extent are disinfo, etc.

      You expressed interest in the truth about climate scientist – but when the facts are laid out for you, you have zero interest in them. You changed the subject to something irrelevant – Larsen C is relatively irrelevant. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is life threatening.


  3. I haven’t seen any climate scientists – have you?


    • budbromley says:

      I am not sure what you mean by that question. Dr Salby is a climate scientist.


      • Mr. Bromley, I want you to be forewarned that you will not like what I’m going to tell you, but I’m going to tell you anyway:

        You are aware that the public is programmed to bow down to the fake-science-gods-on-parade-in-the-media even though those imbeciles and idiots are complete lunatics that are so detached from reality as to be – clinically speaking – criminally insane.

        For those who would like further elaboration, I will explain.

        Low level universities with minimal academic criteria are known for welcoming high school students with low SAT scores and a C average. These less-than-stellar high school graduates are welcomed into the University of Iowa, the University of Arkansas, the University of Alabama, etc. The IQ’s of these students are typically average – or barely above average – despite what the public is programmed to believe about them.

        After graduation, these average students are then hired by universities and public agencies. Of this group of less-than-stellar graduates, those with public speaking skills are propped in the media up as world experts by the same billionaires that have been exploiting the public for decades.

        Meanwhile, these billionaires have in their employ the Magna Cum Laude from highly-selective universities like Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge. These science advisers are typically paid double and triple – over and above – what the average intellects receive from the universities and public agencies.

        Intellectually, the discrepancy between average students vs. the geniuses hired by the billionaires is typically in excess of 40 IQ points: 160 or more vs. 120 or less.

        Since a 15-point discrepancy in IQ can relegate a person to the position of being developmentally delayed while a 40-point discrepancy in IQ can relegate a person to the position of being an imbecile, a moron and an idiot, the imbeciles-on-parade-in-the media are the intellectual – and emotional – equivalent of typical ten-year-olds who – unfortunately – tend to be unaware of their intellectual limitations and emotional immaturity.

        If you pause a moment to imagine you’re reading a forecast report on climate science from a ten-year-old and then imagine reading a forecast report from a high level genius with an IQ of 180 or more who’s done decades of post-graduate research that spans every aspect of the interdisciplinary sciences – including decades of study in chemistry, physics, geology and geological anomalies, oceanography, sea temperatures across the world, the history of volcanic activity across the world, the history of glacial melt across the world, the history of Earth’s magma uplift, the history of cataclysms across the world, the history of Earth’s explosive volcanic landslides, the history of Earth’s colossal tsunami waves, the history of Earth’s fissures, the history of large magnitude quakes and catastrophic floods, the forces that cause tectonic plates to break, the forces that cause seismic rifts and fault zones, the history of data from bathymetric charts, the history of topographic maps, etc., and then you may begin to realize the forecast from the ten year old will be painfully shallow and lacking in depth and substance. And yet, this is an accurate description of the discrepancy between the quality of reports the public gets from those with the intellectual age of a ten year old vs. the reports provided by the science advisers to the billionaires.

        Of course, billionaires are aware the public is being spoon-fed every form of lunacy and insanity – on virtually every topic under the sun – and of course, the public doesn’t have to submit to this stupidity, but because of the variety of disinfo being shoveled out, most everyone happily finds a message from an imbecile that appeals to his or her own sensibility and personal proclivity.

        They know they’re smarter than the developmentally challenged, but most of them refuse to admit that – up against the wiz kids that sailed through Calculus in high school – they themselves are developmentally challenged. This is more of the cognitive dissonance that gets them into trouble – and frankly, puts their lives in danger.

        The public prefers to imagine they’re one of the smart ones – they pat themselves on the back while they brag about having a science degree from a low level university. They actually brag about the statistics they’ve memorized from reports written by the imbeciles-on-parade.

        Nothing I’m explaining here is outside the bounds of common knowledge and yet the public is in denial of the larger scheme of things – they’re in denial of the scheming, the deception, the manipulation, the exploitation, etc., and because they’re in denial, they are easily convinced and persuaded to believe the false reports from the imbeciles-on-parade.

        How can they be so gullible? How can they be so easily influenced?

        Within the field of neuroscience, the step-by-step process is well known: begin by creating cognitive dissonance by providing the public with a multitude of conflicting reports to raise anxiety and distress up to the perceptible threshold, suspend the emotions there – in the fight or flight state – while providing evidence of their powerlessness. Subconsciously the public realizes they cannot fight climate change so they know their only option is to accept the pronouncements – and the direction – from the sheep herders.

        What do the sheep herders say?

        “In a hundred years… ”

        A hundred years?

        Why the mad dash to construct the seed vault in Norway?

        If we have nothing to worry about for 100 years, why have construction of survival facilities for the billionaires, the politicians and the military already been completed?

        The mad dash was prompted by the trajectory of the climate data, which has continued to rapidly escalate but as we keep in mind that everything the public is told is actually detached from reality – to the point of insanity – we become aware that reports on the dangers of CO2, 2C, CH4, SLR, the Arctic ice extent, abrupt climate collapse, etc., are intentional disinfo – to keep the public from being aware of the true dangers.

        What are the true dangers?

        Let’s begin with some not-so-well-known facts:

        Antarctic sea ice extent is measured from the northern edges of the ice shelves.

        Since the ice shelves have been cracking into pieces with crevasses, ice craters, moulins, glacial lakes, glacial rivers and river tunnels – 300 meters high – on the underside, would you conclude that reports on the 2017 Antarctic ice extent are relevant or would you consider them to be deceptive and misleading?

        In 2016, 8,000 glacial lakes began to fill with glacial melt in the dead of the Antarctic winter while ice shelves ripped open – when they should have been frozen solid. Then an ice crater – 3 km wide – opened up in East Antarctica, which was followed by an emergency evacuation of the ice station on the Brunt ice shelf because of the “chasms” that were opening up there. All this came after the glaciologists reported the river tunnels on the undersides of the ice shelves were 300 meter high – due to the unusually warm ocean waters drilling into the ice.

        Since the ice shelves are breaking apart as they rapidly melt away, reports on the Antarctic sea ice extent can only be characterized as disinfo – intentional deception.

        Of course, the public is being told that the ice shelves are breaking apart – but again they are in denial of the overall scheme of things – which again includes the scheming and deception going on beneath their threshold of awareness. Why is the public being deceived? Why is the public not being told of the dangers – and what are the dangers?

        Antarctica has a chunk of ice – the size of Mexico – that’s sliding into the sea. This imminent disaster has been reported by numerous glaciologists – but the public doesn’t seem to understand that the sea water that will be displaced is equivalent to the size of Mexico. Another chunk of ice is the size of Pennsylvania, etc.

        Colossal tsunami waves are expected to race across the oceans which will result in the tectonic plates becoming unhinged which results in the tectonic plate boundaries launching colossal tsunami waves from the Antarctic to the Arctic. This is not speculation – it’s history repeating itself.

        To be aware of the plankton up in the mountains of Antarctica and the history of 1,000 meter high tsunami waves is to realize the likelihood of a cataclysm appears imminent.

        How long before the ice shelves collapse and billions of tons of glaciers come crashing into the sea? One week?



        I don’t know

        Those that want to survive have already packed and left – because to gamble with your life offers no benefits.

        The chances of surviving in North America are next to zero. The chances of surviving in Europe are also next to zero. The chances of surviving in Russia, China, Japan, Latin America, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Antarctica, the Arctic… are also next to zero because when a glacier the size of Mexico slides into the sea, the ripple effect across the world will result in the rapid migration of tectonic plates, colossal tsunami waves, volcanic explosions, etc. This is based on the evidence in the geological and historic records. We expect very few survivors.

        Thank you again, Mr. Bromley, for sharing your outrage. I don’t expect anyone to believe what I’ve said here. Of those that read it, a very tiny percentage will have the intellectual stamina to read it, let alone understand it. Most will feel their neuro-network begin to implode so they’ll defend against it by hurling insults and vulgar language – which is to expose themselves as being intellectually incapacitated.

        I expect that now you’re beginning to understand why I said I’m not seeing any climate scientists.


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