It is you, not that village

Unfortunately, many people still believe in the collective. They believe that it takes a village. Their confirmation bias is so strong that they are unable to listen and absorb that individualism is God-given, and, no surprise, usually they have chosen to be God-less. They have not learned the lesson of the tragedy of the commons, but they probably were taught the metaphor. The metaphor is commonly taught, but it is most often used to teach a lesson against individualism or capitalism or free markets. The lesson is personal responsibility. For them, individualism, capitalism and free markets conflict with personal responsibility because a denial of instant gratification means they are a victim, they have been victimized by someone or the system. They don’t know the lesson. They let their goat overgraze the commons, and when they are told to stop, in their minds they have become a victim. They have not imagined that it is their responsibility and no one else’s to limit their goat’s grazing, and to buy and plant some grass, water and care for it as routinely as graze it. Collectivism is fatalistic. Individualism is freedom.  And of course tyrants want and need fatalistic subjects.

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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