The Clinton Shuffle

Here we see the failure of the government to manage itself for the benefit of the citizens. It is no longer public service. It is service, paid for by the citizens to support the established oligarchy. And it’s pay to play in that world. There is great temptation to misspell the word as “oiligarchy.” But it has gone much further than oil. They have severely compromised the Full Faith And Credit, the currency, trust and goodwill of governments and nations. They are fighting wars in other countries, eight other countries at last count, using your money to pay mercenary agencies with three letter abbreviations to keep things stirred up and in a state of near-world war. But, the world does not have to be like that.

U.S. voters should be asking themselves, “Why hasn’t the U.S. government, that is, our government, already prosecuted the Clintons?” I am telling you that fraud by government is routine practice. What they are doing is gaming the system for their personal benefit, and our President, our Congress and our Supreme Court are letting that happen.

On Hillary’s watch as Secretary of State: An alert (below) by The Office of Inspector General (OIG), reported that OIG “in recent audits, investigations, and inspections, has identified significant vulnerabilities in the management of contract file documentation that could expose the Department to substantial financial losses. Specifically, over the past 6 years, OIG has identified Department of State (Department) contracts with a total value of more than $6 billion in which contract files were incomplete or could not be located at all. The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions”…

And OIG concluded: “It creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file. It impairs the ability of the Department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests, 11 and, in tum, those of taxpayers. Finally, it limits the ability of the Government to punish and deter criminal behavior.” ~ Office of Inspector General, Management Alert.


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