We should be very, very wary

“It is really quite simple. The ‘left’ and ‘right’, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, have been duped into a war against each other over ‘issues’ that truly separate, rather than unite, but that are also not the most senior issues. Although these issues present completely different ideological arguments and demands, as they must to gain the emotional buy-in from those duped, they are not the most threatening or ultimately dangerous to all–not just one ‘side’ or the other. This is the genius of the Hegelian Dialectic in action. All the while the left and right are battling over their ‘issues’, thesis and antithesis, the master manipulators achieve their end game–synthesis–which is the greatest threat to all: complete control over all. This is the proven, age-old, strategy in action: divide and conquer. Today, we have the master manipulators as those elite who control both major political parties and who are making inroads to other parties, such as the Libertarian Party (via their VP, a long-term CFR member). The master manipulators stoke the fires of division, while they gain greater State power and greater control of the State. Ultimately, while the ‘left’ and ‘right’ demand the State handle their ‘issues’ and remove some right from the other–for example, the ‘left’ demanding ‘gun control’ and the right demanding no marriages for homosexual couples, for example (whereas, if the State is given power to officiate and certify marriages for anyone, then by merit of equal protection, it must certify for all, else the State should not be in the ‘marriage’ business–this represents a cultural, moral, and a spiritual issue, not a State governance issue)–the elite garner more power over all and also erode other necessary elements of the Republic’s infrastructure. In other words, while the malcontents are fighting, the tyrants are increasing their power with each new law that erodes liberties and freedom for all. Once we realize that when we use the State to force others to align with our ideologies that we enable the State to use force against us all, we should be very, very wary of ever trying to do this, again. Yet, given the emotional pull of said ‘issues’, the natural reaction of most is to continue to emote into serfdom. The real game is always liberty or tyranny. Be duped and attempt to use the State to create your own perfect Utopia, or be free and use your own self-determination and maturity to live and let live, as long as no harm is done to any other. The latter is the key to liberty and freedom yet it requires thought, maturity, and restraint. Carry on.”

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (Daily Journal Drafts)

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