The great green climate scam

Obama and Kerry stole your money and gave it to the World Bank under the auspices of the Green Climate Fund. The global elites are advancing their plan to control all resources and you. Warning! Disregard this at your peril. Trump, Cruz and Rand Paul oppose it. All other major presidential candidates from other parties support it. Wake up. You are being scammed.

According to U.S. government reports, the U.S. is the major funder of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which organized the Paris global warming Agreement. The Paris global warming Agreement is an unconstitutional international treaty which has not been ratified or funded by Congress. Nevertheless, at the end of 2015, The U.S. State Department diverted $500,000,000 into the UNFCCC’s Green Climate Fund (GCF) without congressional approval and contrary to the explicit resolution of the U.S. Senate.
UNFCCC is one of the two parent organizations of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to current estimates based on the Paris agreement, developed countries like the U.S. will be obliged to contribute up to $100 BILLION PER YEAR by 2020 to the GCF, which will then “redistribute” the money via loans with strings attached to developing countries allegedly suffering from the effects of global warming. No doubt, most of the money will go into crony pockets.
Funds in GCF will be managed by the World Bank for at least the first three years. Over 100 NGOs signed an open letter to governments demanding there be no role for the World Bank in future climate change architecture, and staged protests in Cancun at UN climate conference. “[Having] directly experienced the consequences of [World Bank] loans, loan-financed projects and policy conditionalities, to us, it is inconceivable that this institution can be entrusted with climate finance,” said Abdul Awal of SUPRO, a network of grassroots community groups in Bangladesh. These objections have been ignored by UNFCCC, the UN, and the countries.
A report by NGO Carbon Trade Watch says, “the Bank clearly intends to pursue the creation of new carbon market mechanisms irrespective of UNFCCC negotiations.”
The World Bank’s Umbrella Carbon Facility, one of its carbon funds, closed its first tranche at €775 million. “The Umbrella Carbon Facility (UCF) is an aggregating facility to pool funds for the purchase of emission reductions from large projects.” The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Bank’s private sector lending arm, launched its $200 million Post-2012 Carbon Facility. Tranche 2’s current capitalization is €105 million.
The global carbon trading market is estimated to “yield a market value of almost $2 trillion in 2020.” … “Looking at US and EU plans and policy statements, it is not unlikely that the two would link their carbon trading schemes in the next decade, creating a very large GHG cap-and-trade scheme.”
“With a US-EU engine established as a core, the global carbon market might rival some of the established commodity markets in the world. This implies that the EU ETS and US ETS, linked, could be an unstoppable force almost independently of any global climate framework.” (6)
The carbon credit trading market for 2015 was about €48.4 billion. “The North American markets grew 121% in terms of volume and 220%. in terms of value.” (7)
The banking establishment, world governments and political elites have established a global market for trading derivatives of carbon that is estimated to eventually exceed the trading value of the largest commodities. But, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, the underlying asset to the derivatives, is a colorless, odorless, harmless gas found at trace levels in the atmosphere, and the derivatives and trading of the carbon derivatives will have no physically measurable effect on neither the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere nor on the temperature of the planet. The effects are so small, they cannot be measured in the real world, they can only be calculated.
Corporations bury the cost of carbon emission trading in the prices of the their products. Because harmless carbon dioxide emissions result from all production of all forms of energy, prices of all products are forced higher than they would be without such a scheme, but there is no offsetting benefit.
Wake up. You are being scammed.
If you do not demand that your candidates for president and congress reject this scam, then you are kissing goodbye to your money and your freedom, you are like a frog in cool water that is being slowly heated until you are dead.
Summary of global carbon market developments as of March, 2016

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