Cooling period contradicts AGW

NOAA avg temp 1944 to 1975

Temperatures during the period from about 1944 to 1975 directly contradict the global warming hypothesis. This was the period of recovery from WWII when industrial growth was very fast, and gasoline engines were in mass production and use. Little attention was paid to combustion efficiency in vehicles, factories or homes. CO2 emissions and atmospheric concentration of CO2 as well as actual air pollution was growing consistently. But the temperature trend declined for about 30 years.

According to hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the CO2 forcing parameter, the temperature trend should have been rising, not falling. At the time, the press and experts were reporting global cooling and many expected a new ice age.

Now in 2016 climate experts want to “adjust” the data for this cooling period, so that the cooling disappears, because it reveals their alarmist claims of global warming/climate change are a fraud…a way to extract money and political power from citizens, companies and states.

You might keep this graph to compare as the data are “adjusted.”

Time Magazine 1977


Newsweek 1975 Cooling

Newsweek, 1975

US Scientist New Ice Age



(1)  For graph:

(2) About NOAA adjusting data:



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