How orthodox climate pseudoscience works

In the technical journal article on climate models at the link below, “Causes of the Global Warming Observed since the 19th Century,” these orthodox climate modelers acknowledge the current cooling period as well as the cooling period that occurred from 1945 to 1976.  In instances when their models predict warming based input of empirical measurements as known values in their math functions and eliminating all the other variables they think they know, then they claim warming is due to human-produced greenhouse gas.  But, in other instances when their models don’t predict warming temperature, they conclude that the cooling is due to natural internal variabilities which offset their forcing parameter.

Bottom line, they use the forcing parameter as a plug in their models.  A plug is an assumption, not proof.  It plugs in a value or a math function that makes the model produce the expected answer when all the other variables are believed to be known.  Then the climate modelers conclude that their models agree with measured temperatures based on their assumptions.  Use of a plug along with elimination of other variables is a logically valid tool to aid in development of a mathematical model.  But, until the model containing the plug works under all conditions, it is only a hypothesis…that is, speculation.

They conclude it is going to rain tomorrow unless it does not rain.

The simple way to understand the invalidity of climate models is that they failed to predict the current, ongoing, statistically flat period which has so far lasted 18 years.  Instead of predicting statistically flat temperature, their climate models predicted rapidly rising temperatures which they claimed would result in no ice at the poles, more hurricanes, the end of polar bears, mass starvation, rapid rise of sea level, etc among a seemingly never ending list of catastrophes intended to scare people into giving them more money.

If they had a model that worked under all conditions, then there would be only one model, not many models.  If they had a model that worked, Obama, De Caprio, Gore, Kerry, and a small group of climate conference parasites would not be flying around in jets spewing greenhouse gases.  In this case, the model does not fit, so we must convict.

So far, there is only one model that closely tracks actual temperatures.  That model is by the Russians.  The Russian model so far has only been used for a few conditions.  The Russian model is the dashed magenta line that touches the actual temperature in 2015.  It is worthwhile to remind readers that the Russians have declined to support the UN global climate agenda.

John Christy Congressional testimony


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