That dog will hunt

Interesting research coming out of Israel on the trans generational inheritance of memory. When I was a kid working in my dad’s animal hospital and interested in science, we would sometimes help breed dogs for their owners. During these times, dad would recount anecdotal observations gathered over his career. He was interested and I became interested in one of these observations.
Two well trained show dogs could be bred and the puppies sold very young to proud buyers for good money. They would receive detailed family trees going back many generations registered at The American Kennel Club. Rarely did the puppies see the parents again. But the puppies, like the parents, continued to come for their regular visits to dad, their veterinarian. Dad observed and then I observed that the young puppies in isolation behaved like the parents. For example the poodle puppy would hold its head up proudly and do the traditional dog show goose step prance just as the fine specimen parent show poodle had been trained and displayed in shows. All the new owner needed to do was reinforce the puppy’s behavior and usually they too had a show dog. This puppy behavior occurred even though the puppy was untrained and never exposed to the parent after whelping. I had one of these poodle puppies, Napoleon Bonaparte Trigger.
Perhaps you discovered a precocious “talent” to play the piano or guitar or some other skill.
This research out of Israel could be the beginning to explain how this might work. The implications of full working knowledge have been explored in science fiction and they are mind boggling expansive.
Here is a link to a review of the research followed by the link to the research paper in the journal “Cell,” which unfortunately is behind a paywall.
C elegans GoldsteinLabUNC

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