On borders and sanctuaries

“I’m strongly opposed to illegal immigration/ I am categorically opposed to amnesty. And I strongly support legal immigrants who follow the rules and come here to work towards achieving the American dream. Now with respect to securing the borders, I approach this as someone who has spent much of his adult life with law enforcement. It makes utterly no sense that we don’t know who is coming in to this country, we don’t know their criminal backgrounds. Our borders are largely unsecure, and particularly in a post 9/11 world, that is lunacy. I support any and all possible efforts to secure the border. That includes fences. That includes walls. That includes technology. That includes helicopters. That includes drones. That includes manpower. That includes employment verification. That includes approaching it as a law enforcement priority, and right now neither party is serious enough about doing it.” Ted Cruz 2011




About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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