Another ridiculous U.S. Supreme Court decision

Government taking your rights one step at a time: This is yet another ridiculous U.S. Supreme Court decision, and I mean they deserve our vigorous ridicule: The Supreme Court’s Evenwel majority decision undermines the principle of “one man, one vote.” For example, under this decision, 100,000 American voters in one state legislative district would have the same voting power as 10,000 American voters in another district with 90,000 non-citizens. Even though total population is the same in both districts, voting power is radically different. Under federal law and the laws of all 50 states, only citizens may vote in federal elections. Texas’ scheme, the issue in this case, which gave weight to nonvoting noncitizens along with lawful voters is contrary to the principles embodied in citizen voting laws. As a result, the votes of some Texas’ citizens have, by some measures, almost twice the electoral power of the votes of other Texas citizens. Texas citizen Ms Evenwel contested all the way to the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court this week found that, the “one-person, one-vote” allows states to use total population only, rather than voter population, when apportioning state voting districts: The decision will encourage politicians to fill their legislative districts with more non-citizens and fewer voting Americans. This abuse could lead to unequal voting power for voters in districts with large numbers of alien residents.

This decision also sets the stage for a major upset in U.S. presidential elections. An electoral college vote could be vastly different from the popular vote. The electoral college votes actually elect the President, not the popular vote. The number of electors may now be determined by the total population of the state rather than the total citizen population of legal voters. Illegal aliens and residents will influence presidential elections even though they cannot vote. This decision provides incentive for politicians to pack their states with illegal aliens.

In the worst case, due to illegal, politically-driven demographics, in our lifetime a President could be elected entirely by illegal aliens who did not vote in federal elections for President, but did vote in their home district for electors to the Electoral College.

The Judicial Watch /AEF amici curiae brief argued that “the Supreme Court should review the lower court decision upholding the law to prevent “state legislators from deliberately disenfranchising their own citizens by…strategic placement of noncitizen populations in certain districts in order to dilute the voting power of citizen populations …:”

“The creation of districts with massively unequal populations of age-eligible or registered voters (albeit with the same total populations) allows legislators to “weight” the votes of their supporters by placing them in districts with fewer voting citizens. Legislators thereby acquire the undemocratic ability to increase their odds of winning elections without having actually to appeal to voters. Indeed, legislators gain the ability to choose themselves, at least to some degree, and they acquire this power at the voters’ expense.”

An amendment to the Constitution or a new law by Congress is required to correct this ridiculous decision by the Supreme Court.

You can read the SCOTUS opinions here:


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