The CO2 warmists are wrong and frozen

In the past, earth’s temperature has been statistically flat for more than 30 million years, and during that geological period the earth was covered with jungle.  Life in the skies, on the land and in the seas was very abundant. You know the period as the Jurassic period from the movies when dinosaurs roamed. Prior to the Jurassic was a period of 75 million years when CO2 concentration was just a bit lower than today’s CO2 level of 400 ppm.  During that long period of 75 million years, the earth’s temperature was colder than today’s by about 5 degrees C. Again, this was a very long, cold period when the CO2 was just a bit lower than it is today.

Then, after that ice age, for reasons we don’t understand yet, temperature started to increase extremely rapidly, rising to a temporary peak about 7 degrees warmer than today and then settling in about 5 degrees warmer than today, where it stayed statistically flat for more than 100 million years, including most of the verdant jungle Jurassic period.

Life was good, abundant and growing during the Jurassic.  Following the very rapid increase in temperature, CO2 increased at a slower rate to a peak at almost 2000 ppm, almost 5 times today’s 400 ppm.  Then CO2 levels declined following a Fibonacci cycle from about 2000 ppm to 1200 ppm in the middle of the jungle Jurassic period.  Temperature was stable but CO2 was declining for millions of years.  From there CO2 increased very rapidly to about 2400 parts per million, about 6 times higher than today’s 400 ppm.  From that peak at about 2400 ppm, CO2 begins a slow, long decline lasting 150 million years to where we are today around 400 parts per million, only a bit above where it was for an ice age that lasted almost 75 million years.

Earth was covered by a sheet of ice for almost 75 million years.  The continental shelf above sea level was several hundred feet higher than it is today and on top of that shelf was an ice sheet 2 miles thick in places.  Only the tops of today’s highest mountains rose above the ice sheet.  Life, as we know it, was not so good and not so abundant during that 75-million-year long ice age.  From the perspective of our CO2 levels today, we are not far from the level of CO2 during that deep and long ice age.

For almost 100 million years leading up to our modern era, the CO2 concentration declined to just a bit below where it is today and meanwhile the temperature was statistically flat for 50 million years about 5 degrees warmer than today.  The decline of CO2 started more than 100 million years before temperature briefly spiked about 2 degrees to about 24 degrees C. after it had been statistically flat at 22 degrees C for 75 million years.  From that spike, temperature began a rapid decline to where we are today.  The divergence of these two trends, a trendless flat temperature line and a declining CO2 concentration line, for duration of period of so many millions of years, is sufficient evidence to fail the AGW hypothesis.

During that long period of declining CO2 level, life was less abundant than it had been in the prior jungle Jurassic period.  CO2 did rise following a more rapid temperature increase to the Jurassic temperatures.  But the CO2 trend was following the temperature trend.  During the Jurassic, CO2 began a slow, long decline but temperature did not, temperature remained stable for millions of year, then spiked down and back up to Jurassic temperature for another flat 50 million years.  Then, after being stable for 50 million years, temperatures rapidly declined to where we are today while at the same time and for 100 million years before that abrupt temperature decline CO2 was already slowly declining to about where are today.  The evidence is very poor that CO2 causes warming of the climate.  On the other hand, there is a strong correlation between trends of declining CO2 and declining temperature.

Correlation does to prove cause, but if there is a causal link, then there must be a correlation.

We are walking on thin ice at today’s level of 400 ppm carbon.  Currently, the CO2 level is increasing steadily toward a more normal and healthy range where life is more abundant.  But political leaders at world and national levels have been working for decades to persuade us all – with the expense of more than $100 billion dollars they have collected or intend to collect from us by taxation – that CO2 levels are important for the climate.  But, they also attempt to persuade us that we need to reverse the current rising CO2 trend toward one which is closely correlated with multiple, long ice ages.

If hell is frozen, the road to hell is paved with the intentions of climate politicians and their cronies.

If I have not explained this to your satisfaction, there are several thousands of scientists who can address your specific area of concern.  The Attorney General of the United States and her equivalent in other nations and United Nations, and others, want to hunt down and punish these skeptical scientists and any corporations who do not follow the global warming agenda of politicians.

All you have to do is vote against anyone who supports anthropogenic global warming.  Also stop giving money to those green candidates and the long list of their environmental crony organizations.

Ref: R.A. Berner, 2001 re: CO2.  Ref: C.R. Scotese re: temp.

CO2 and Temperature

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