Ambush & murder by federal agents

Site Reports from the Burns, Oregon ambush and murder by the FBI, other federal agents and Oregon State Police.

Eye witness report: Federal agents and Oregon State Police shot him walking with his hands in the air.  Militia did not touch their guns.

First shots were fired by federal agents at Ryan who had his head and hands out the window. Vehicles riddled with bullets.

Audio eye witness report by Victoria, who was in one of the vehicles: LeVoy Finicum was shot dead, hit five or six times, while he was walking with his hands in the air, then shot again while he was down on ground.

Eyewitnesses: FBI and Oregon State Police fired ~ 120 shots to take down this unarmed man with his arms in the air. Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was the acting PR guy for the militia groups. A Mormon, father of 11 kids and grandfather of 19 kids. “He was just walking, with his hands in the air, and they shot him dead,” said one witness, adding, “His hands were still up after he was dead.”

Now the government lies and cover-up begin.

Will the Obama regime blame this murder on a movie about Mormons or a traffic stop?

Video of the shooting:

And audio interview:




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