The Tides Turns Against Greenpeace (reblog)

“Ignorance and magic are their shield and their armour, which is fair enough: the right to be invincibly stupid is inalienable. But invincible stupidity does not confer the right to damage other people’s property, to wreck scientific inquiry by midnight vandalism, to oppose the rule of democratically created law by organised criminality.”

The entire article by SIRC is excellent.  At this link:

Peter Marsh
Kate Fox
Simon Bradley
research director
Louise Bond
senior researcher
Patrick Alexander
senior research associate
Roger Norum
research associate
James Harkin
consultant forecaster
Dr Desmond Morris
World-renowned zoologist, author and painter

Prof. Lionel Tiger
Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers

Prof. Robin Fox
Professor of Social Theory at Rutgers University

Prof. Dwight Heath
Professor of Anthropology at Brown University

Prof. Susan Greenfield
Director of The Royal Institution of Great Britain

Prof. Jeya Henry
Professor of Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes

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