Contrary to white house claims netanyahu laid out how to beat iran: reblog

The viable alternative is to support Israel and not support Iran and this crazed nuke agreement with Iran. Bibi said it repeatedly. But, instead, with Obama’s/Hillary’s/Kerry’s help, Iran – the foremost sponsor of global Islamic terrorism – could be weeks away from a pathway to nuclear weapons and full international legitimacy. Obama hears what he wants to hear and says what he (or Valerie really) want the media, astroturf and sheeple to repeat.

James Lewis had it spot on in the following article back in January 2013, as we can see by the events that have transpired.

“We will never achieve our objectives in the war on terrorism until we accept the fact that it is Shariah law that fosters radical Islam. Such an ideology is totally incompatible with our Constitution and our concept of freedom. However, with his release of five hard-core terrorists, it is clear the president will continue to subvert our Constitution until Congress finds the courage to carry out its constitutional responsibilities.” ~ Admiral James Lyons.

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