Exculpatory Evidence

Dear U.S. Supreme Court Justices, I request these statements included in evidence submitted by the government, and relied upon in your decisions, be admitted as exculpatory evidence, adverse to the government’s case that global warming/climate change is dangerous.

“Extreme [weather] events are, almost by definition, of particular importance to human society. Consequently, the importance of understanding potential extreme events is first order. The evidence is mixed, and data continue to be lacking to make conclusive cases.”

…”A particularly important issue is the adequacy of data needed to attack the question of changes in extreme events. There have been recent advances in our understanding of extremes in simulated climates (see, for example, Meehl et al., 2000), but thus far the approach has not been very systematic… However, it must be recognised that we are still unfortunately short of data for the quantitative assessment of extremes on the global scale in the observed climate.”  UN IPCC Third Assessment Report (2001), Section, page 775


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