The middle east problem, simply explained

The middle east problem, simply explained.


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1 Response to The middle east problem, simply explained

  1. John Maney says:


    Nicely and simply said – the Muslims want the Jews dead, enslaved or converted along with every other infidel. Why can’t the world see this, say this and protest this inexcusable thousand year old crime against humanity? Why are the Israelis always the demons? Why do my Jewish relatives and friends vote for those who support the Palestinians over the Israelis? Why aren’t feminists outraged by Islam? How can Brandeis University kick a genitally-mutilated, forced into marriage, black female feminist (in the truest sense of the word) because she speaks out against those who mutilated her, enslaved her, stamped on her human rights and want to kill her? How can the PC oligarchs speak kindly and promote the racist demagogues and racist ideology that are destroying 13% of our nation? How can a nation ignore in-your-face existential threats? At this point it appears that I’m going to the grave without these questions answered.

    Always enjoy your posts that always force me to think- John


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