Re-post: “Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

An excellent read about Australia’s former Prime Minister who is now at the Brookings Institute in Washington D.C. and another NGO. She passed the Oz’s economy-crushing carbon tax, which was recently repealed. Read it and learn how Green forked-tongue women lawyers in politics work. “…you’ll hear the outraged ‘voices’ of Australians incensed at the international promotion of our first female Prime Minister who is also the most compromised individual ever to hold the reins of government, shoe-horned into the job by her corrupt Union puppet-masters.”

“Her claims of “misogynist persecution” are totally spurious (considering most of her critics are women), covering the real reason for her abject failure in Australian politics – her incompetence, her pathological lying, her immoral lifestyle centred on a string of other women’s husbands (including a Cabinet colleague) and her corrupt background as a lawyer, forced to resign by the only law firm that ever employed her, and never to practise law again.”

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1 Response to Re-post: “Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

  1. Blackswan says:

    Thanks Bud – Gillard’s Marxist achievements in influencing our national education policies, the federal industrial relations laws and, against all the odds, turning on the gushing Carbon Tax money spigot, got the attention of the Marxist/Fabians around the world. To them she’s Xena, warrior princess of the Antipodes, and until she is charged, prosecuted and imprisoned, she’ll be feted by the Socialists wherever she goes.


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