Short documentary on the Fall of Iraq… what you are not being told

You may want to watch this short, fast-paced video documentary more than once. This video is right on the money and history, except for one point. It is instability and chaos that the global elite wants in the middle east, not stability. Bombing for peace, and the 30 year wave of regime change operations (also known as the war on terror) is intended keep the middle east UNSTABLE and chaotic so that there can be no coordinated action to displace the petrodollars (i.e. trading in U.S. dollars) which are held as reserves in the hundreds of trillions by the central banks of the world… and to help keep oil prices high. This plan is aided and abetted by the Saudis. Iraq, Iran, Libya, Russia … these are all countries who have proposed and support oil trading in currencies other than the U.S. dollar…and by U.S., UN and OECD environmental / energy policies.

The U.S. with NATO has been acting as a colonial imperial power in that region for most of our lives in order to preserve the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.



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