Beware the oligarchy

Beware: the oligarchy is protecting itself.  This past week, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (one step down from the Supreme Court) upheld the EPA’s newest limits on airborne particles (soot). The court wrote. “Petitioners simply have not identified any way in which EPA jumped the rails of reasonableness in examining the science.”

May it please the court, what is reasonable about this?  The EPA made many unsubstantiated claims as to the health benefits of the new rules.  Some of these claims are based on a “science” that has not been disclosed to the public and which members of Congress have been requesting for years.  In fact, Congress issued a subpoena (link below) to obtain copies of the “secret science” EPA used for its determinations, and Congress was told by EPA administrator McCarthy that the EPA does not have these methods and cannot produce them.  This decision by the appeals court illustrates that the Federal court system is highly biased towards government agencies, protects the oligarchy even when the agency cannot produce the evidence, and the court will not protect the public from zealous bureaucrats who claim onerous regulations are based on science.

Beware, the U.S. has regressed to the banana republic socialist oligarchy.  You cannot depend on the courts to protect you, unless you can buy your way out.  


Quotes and edits from The Science and Environmental Policy Project.  Ken Haapala.  May 10, 2014.

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