Islam is what happens when civilization declines.

Excellent history and current perspective are offered in this article.  Islam is what happens when civilization declines.

I am with Abraham and also the Founders and Framers of America.  We need not be involved in their fight, even less instigating regime change and Arab spring.  And unless they seriously take on reformation of their medieval religion/culture, then we should show them the door.

As a historical reminder, the Islamic Caliphate, the so-called Islamic Golden Age, occurred during the so-called Dark Ages of Europe, the period after the fall of the Roman Empire and before the Renaissance.

“The problem in the Middle East isn’t a lack of democracy. It’s the lack of anything to be democratic about.”

“Everyone in the Middle East (who isn’t a Jew, Christian, Kurd, Bahai, Zoroastrian, Armenian, Circassian, Druze, etc.. ) agrees on the importance of Arab and Islamic unity and that their specific flavor of it, their clan, their tribe and their Islamic interpretation should be supreme.”

“It’s not surprising that the Middle East is constantly at war. It’s only a wonder that the fighting ever stops.”

“Saudi Arabia and Qatar aren’t talking to each other. Syria and Turkey are shooting at each other. Not only are the Shiites and Sunnis killing each other in Syria, but the Sunni groups have been killing each other for some time now. There are even two or three Al Qaedas fighting each other over which of them is the real Al Qaeda while, occasionally, denying that they are the real Al Qaeda.” …

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