You are being extorted by carbon sequestration

Obama warned us under his plans, “electricity rates will necessary skyrocket…. Coal-powered plants, natural gas plants, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations, that will cost money, that they will pass that money on to consumers.” 


  • Absent any real world evidence that increasing CO2 harms life on this planet…
  • disregarding the merits of evidence in thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that both higher levels of CO2 and warmer climates are beneficial to life…
  • in possession only of hypothetical computer models which have yet to work…


the Obama administration and a Democrat-dominated Congress allocated $3.4 billion to projects in 43 states to R&D and demonstrate sequestration of CO2, $2 billion of which is already committed.  And, the EPA will require hydrocarbon-fueled power plants to install this expensive but un-proven technology. 


According to this September 2013 report by the government’s non-partisan Congressional Research Service, “To date, there are no commercial ventures in the United States that capture, transport, and inject industrial-scale quantities of CO2 solely for the purposes of carbon sequestration.”…”For example, DOE states that the cost of deploying currently available CCS post-combustion technology on a supercritical pulverized coal-fired power plant would increase the cost of electricity by 80%.  The challenge of reducing the costs of CCS technology is difficult to quantify, in part because there are no examples of currently operating commercial-scale coal-fired power plants equipped with CCS.  Nor is it easy to predict when lower-cost CCS technology will be available for widespread deployment in the United States.”


The $3.4 billion is just the beginning.  These are just R&D projects.  The plants have not been built yet.  But Obama’s EPA is already shutting down power plants that produce the nation’s electricity.  The final cost could be 10’s or 100’s times more that that $3.4 billion.  And it will all come out of your pocket. 

Is the U.S. government insane?  No, this is big-government operating as usual, distributing the wealth of tax payers to the cronies of elected politicians and bureaucrats.  Like solar, wind, bio-fuel, electric car, ethanol fuel, the money – your taxes and your increased power bills – for carbon sequestration will go to cronies, and like those other technologies, carbon sequestration has no chance of reducing global warming.  There is no real world evidence that human-produced CO2 causes significant global warming.  You are being scammed once again, extorted to be precise. 

Extortion: The obtaining of property from another induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.      

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