How and why the federal government is destroying the New England fishing industry and communities

Federal garbage in + federal garbage out = lives and communities destroyed in New England.  And it will delete the fresh fish from your diet too.  And it’s all being done to protect the environment … or so the feds say.  The feds have a sampling problem and a computer modeling problem, (nothing new there!) and they are shutting down the fishing industry and communities on the New England coast.  The fisherman who have contacted our local Congressmen and Senators were told they are “up against a wall” of environmentalists and can’t do anything.  We need some publicity and visibility on this issue.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee led by John Kerry of Massachusetts (who should be against this treaty if he actually worked for the constituents of his state but instead globalist Kerry is the prime promoter of it) and ranking Republican Richard Lugar, now a lame duck, are trying to push through the massive U.S. sovereignty and wealth giveaway to the UN and new world government.  The treaty is known as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS or LOST).

A big hat tip to Trevor at New Zeal Blog [] for the references below.

Here in Gloucester, MA the federal government is shutting down the fishing industry daily which will eliminate the 50 to 80 million pounds of fresh fish which come to market from Gloucester.  The fish are plentiful and self sustaining on the Stellwagen Bank offshore Gloucester, Boston and Maine thanks to the local fishing organizations and fisherman who have protected for generations the Stellwagen bank and its fish as their livelihood.  The Gloucester fleet has gone from about 180 boats to 8 or 9 boats and these guys say they can’t hold on past 2013.  Their catch will be cut back by 80% between 2012 and 2013 when they renew their licenses.

Several federal agencies arrived with their multimillion dollar speed boats and PhD’s with computer models on laptops … and wouldn’t you know it … they can’t seem to find any fish, so they are locking up the Stellwagen bank behind massive regulations.  (Hint: you can’t sample fish in the ocean at 30 knots.)  But the fishermen, who are already required to log in and out with the feds before going out to sea and required to carry a government GPS on board, and required to carry an observer on board (at $1200 per day cost to the taxpayer) to weigh the fish brought in and those thrown back (because they are too small or the wrong type), well those fishermen are still bringing in millions of pounds of fish.  But the fed won’t or can’t use that data.

Just outside of Stellwagon Bank in the Atlantic are giant, one thousand foot fishing/cleaning/packing factory ships waiting to come into Stellwagen Bank.  Walmart and Whole Foods, China, Russia and Japan buy from these factory ships.  Under LOST, these factory ships will pay a tithe to the United Nations, but until LOST becomes law or ratified treaty in America, these fishing factories cannot come inside U.S. territorial waters to scrape the Stellwagen Bank bare of its fish.  Walmart Foundation donated $14 million for the study which is locking up Stellwagon Bank, which as already a giant fishery preserve.  But when the study is done, our fishermen, their boats and families, and the thousands of people who work on land to support them will all be out of business.

Obama‘s State and Defense Departments and NATO are pressuring the Senate to adopt this travesty of a treaty after years of resistance dating back to Ronald Reagan’s presidency.  You and I will suffer if this treaty or law is enacted, and similar to the global warming scam pushed by the UN, Obama, John Kerry, etc. the environment will be worse, not better.

Article 82 UN Law of The Sea Treaty

quote: “Payments and contributions with respect to the exploitation of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles

1. The coastal State shall make payments or contributions [to the UN Authority] in kind in respect of the exploitation of the non-living resources of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.

2. The payments and contributions shall be made annually with respect to all production at a site after the first five years of production at that site. For the sixth year, the rate of payment or contribution shall be 1 per cent of the value or volume of production at the site. The rate shall increase by 1 per cent for each subsequent year until the twelfth year and shall remain at 7 per cent thereafter. Production does not include resources used in connection with exploitation.

3. A developing State which is a net importer of a mineral resource produced from its continental shelf is exempt from making such payments or contributions in respect of that mineral resource.

4. The payments or contributions shall be made through the Authority, which shall distribute them to States Parties to this Convention, on the basis of equitable sharing criteria, taking into account the interests and needs of developing States, particularly the least developed and the land-locked among them.    unquote

Recent and upcoming reports may be found at “”

Gulag Bound will also continue to monitor: “”

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