The Pillage People

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The various, numerous, compounding crises that result from eliminating consequences, as VDH discusses below, derive in direct proportion to erasure of Protestant Christian morality in families and education.  Protestants comprised more than 80% of American colonists at the date of the U.S. Constitution.  Teaching no distinction between right or wrong, moral relativism, one opinion is presumed to be equal to another opinion, etc. results in institutionalized national narcissism and sociopathy.  The victimized narcissists need “safe places” where their opinions cannot be challenged.  Then censorship.  Then SWAT teams appear at the doors of sane and moral people.  The Magna Carta and precepts that followed are burned or ignored.      

What is the point of studying Plato, for example, if one opinion is as good as another?  Every year of our lifetimes, graduate students in philosophy, for example, learned less of the classical information previously required for matriculation and invested less thought, yet they had higher opinions of themselves, and expected higher grades.  As documented by lifetime educators.  California teachers apparently do not want to require algebra to graduate from high school.

By this process, decisions are to be handed over to AI, nominated experts, and bureaucratic technologies, e.g. human resources management, and un-validated computer models for everything, all presumed to be neutral.  By this process, there is no need to study the history of anything, neither successes nor failures.  The current resident of the White House nominated a candidate to run the Federal Aviation Agency who has zero experience in aviation or aviation management, but he is a politically correct color of the moment.  What could possibly go wrong?

As a culture, woke people lose incrementally each year the knowledge and understanding required to build things.  Vote woke, go broke. Civil rights are lost because the only people studying them are people who intend to transform them, and the crusaders trying to save them, both are 2 sigma groups.  The normal population will own nothing and be happy.  Ever since WWII, all college graduates were indoctrinated to believe they go forth to change the world.  Two generations of indoctrinated revolutionaries were primed to fundamentally transform the nation and the world without first considering it.  Fertile ground for “We are the people we have been waiting for.” Let’s build a Net Zero world without considering the benefits of CO2 or the fully loaded costs of such an scientifically ignorant idea.   

Civil rights are lost when civics becomes social studies, the balance of offsetting political powers becomes unrecognized and unvalued.  Then, history can be eliminated, statues and precepts torn down, and righteously done according to unwitting true believers. What remains of The Bill of Rights perhaps is a museum piece, such as people entering ancient churches to admire the art, but not to worship.  This is wokism, the village-pillage people, cultural subversion, no equal justice for all, curb your tongue of they will put you on the curb with no consequences to them.

This is how cultures decline and fall, always followed by anarchy and tyranny.  In the case of the pillage people, decline and fall is their intentional goal.  Crises are not wasted but created specifically like chess moves to achieve that goal: a fundamental transformation laid out by a trained revolutionary backed by an amoral NAZI, aided by the pillage people who work with them; but there have been no negative consequences for their continuing treason.

The pillage culture is implemented as community organization so that citizens and non-citizens de-value the precepts that enabled success of their culture; equal gaming the system for all, a free cell phone in every pocket, critical race theory and drag shows and gender changes in schools without parental consent.  The Great Reset is the pillage people’s name for return to feudal tyranny, bend that knee.  Feudal honor, chivalry, loyalty, etc. does not prevent decline and fall, it protects pillagers.  In the unlikely event resetters considered the precepts of sovereignty and freedom, nevertheless they persuade their audiences to devalue these God-given precepts as just another person’s opinion, out of date with the inevitable coming industrial revolution.  Though the precepts are built upon thousands of years of experience, the audience cannot define sovereignty, or even find Omaha on a map.  ‘Take the jabs, transform your genes, it’s the next industrial revolution, don’t waste your time evaluating good-versus-bad throughout history.’  Slavery, traditional families, God, are just a few examples.  Tear down that statue. 

Let’s make a baby with the DNA of a same sex couple.  Can be done.  Let’s make a virus that only infects (or corrects the defect) in a specific group of people.  Can be done.  Let’s print as much money as we want, or allow cryptos to go to any value, based only on demand.  Let’s put a human brain in a forever-nurturing robot and teach it all human knowledge and let it manage the world, or vis-a-versa as Ray Kurzweil would have it, put tiny computers containing all human knowledge into human brains to create a singularity.  What could go wrong?


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  1. petroalbion says:

    Proof it were needed that anyone who knows nothing about what happened before he/she/it was born is condemned to remain a child

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