THE DAMAGES OF CORONAVIRUS: Interview with Nobel laureate Professor Luc Montagnier

La Verità, 08.09.2021, page 6. (Translated from Italian)

EDITORS INTRODUCTION:  We considered it appropriate to publish this interview in full on our site because the illustrious Nobel Prize Laureate (the virologist who isolated the HIV virus) expresses concepts that we share widely.

“I’m not against vaccines, to whose research I’ve dedicated a large part of my life,” says Luc. Montagnier: “I consider them very important in the treatment of communicable diseases and epidemics, but I am against unsafe products whose effects are still completely unknown. A vaccine can only be considered safe after a much longer testing time. This vaccination campaign was carried out with errors of a scientific and medical nature, which have aggravated the situation. In vaccines is usually present the attenuated virus that once injected stimulates the immune system in a gentle way. Most of the vaccines given to combat this pandemic are a gene therapy which serves to stimulate the production of proteins in our cells. It is a system that I believe unnatural, because it causes new genetic material to be inserted into our genome.” “In the body we have specialized cells called immune cells, which alone are able to produce antibodies.”

“These vaccines disrupt the body’s natural organization. The protein of the virus that allows you to attack it has a double function that no one talks about: it is also a neurotoxin. In people who have not yet had time to produce antibodies, this protein it could affect the heart, creating life-threatening myocarditis. But this protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and once it arrives at the The brain, which is no longer protected, can cause serious brain problems. This has consequences immediate.”


“The most frequent reaction is thrombosis caused by coagulation due to the aggregation of platelets that can occur even many months after administration of the vaccine. But there is one another. The virus, despite the vaccine, also finds ways to affect the information of prions, that is, infectious particles only protein, which have the ability to transmit their own shape altered to normal variants of the same protein in all organs. The structure of proteins of the organism is changed, creating unknown situations in the long term.”


“Not only is it not over, but the situation could be even worse than it has been up to now. Even last summer, even without vaccines, infections had decreased. The vaccine, as we know, does not protect us from the transmission of the virus. You should not vaccinate in pandemic course because viruses change to escape our immune system. Nature, even against viruses, knows how to create harmony. If the virus had not been manipulated by means of vaccines, I think it would have already weakened. Natural variants are the consequence of the harmony of precise mathematical sequences. Man intervened in the Wuhan laboratory and indirectly, and in an unnatural way, affected these sequences preventing their natural evolution.”

“Natural variants have thus become much more aggressive and contagious, such as Delta variant. The latest variants are favored by the spread of vaccines. It is not true that the vaccinated they are more protected from new and aggressive variants. The vaccinated not only have a better chance of being attacked by the variants, but are more at risk than the unvaccinated. If the authorities do not understand this, we will face a catastrophe.”


“There is scientific evidence and data. There are clinical analyzes. The opinion is legitimate, but those who claim that I spread false theories or that I have gone crazy must do so. demonstrate. If the scientist refuses the meeting or confrontation he has lost. In the scientific field there are precise rules: you measure yourself, and measuring yourself is the only way to know if you are on the right path. Often the reasons for the unjustified attacks are related to politics and power. If a vaccine is not safe and there is another therapeutic solution, we must follow the morality and ethics at the base of our mission as doctors, and therefore not to impose the vaccine but also to find alternative methods”.


“Everyone must know that this disease is cured, and from it is healed, while that which they try to trigger in people’s minds is that it is an incurable disease. We have the means and the care to deal with it. It is not only my thought, but also that of many other specialists which is not given a voice. Anyone, if treated well from the beginning, can heal. People infected with the Delta variant can recover. There are specific inhibitors. Pharmaceutical companies should also engage in the research of these inhibitors, and not only on the vaccines. For AIDS we have found inhibitors that block the multiplication of the virus by decreasing the mortality rate is very high. A factor completely ignored by many epidemiologists is that the attack of this virus is always accompanied by a bacterial cofactor that favors and increases its multiplication.”

“If you neutralize the bacterial cofactor with azithromycin-based antibiotics, they can suppress most of the symptoms. Viruses also need situations to survive inflammatory diseases caused by cytokines and proteins. If you combine specific medications that decrease inflammation could shorten recovery times and perhaps even reduce the mortality rate”.


“We must abandon this crazy idea. Children are not vectors for the spread of the virus, but if were vaccinated over time, important side effects could occur, such as those mentioned I have spoken before.”

OUR COMMENT (by editors of La Verità )

In this interview, Montagnier confirmed our thoughts. The virus had to be addressed primarily with home therapies (Azithromycin, anti-inflammatory, cortisone drugs, chloroquine and the like) to minimize complications and therefore hospital admissions. Arriving at the hospital, one should / could have resorted to the use of enoxyparin and plasma immune, with largely positive outcomes (despite the obstacles posed to these treatments by the central authorities). If the main complication is that of a hyperactivation of cytokines and a tendency to disseminated intravascular coagulation, the approach proposed by Prof. Montagnier, Remuzzi e by many unheard clinics, it would likely have reduced deaths from Covid and with Covid, at least in the second half of 2020. Some indisputable facts remain. The Ministry of Health, the Higher Institute of Health and Aifa, they drew on home therapy (paracetamol or NSAIDs) neglecting all other drugs mentioned that they were instead reserved (late?) for hospitalized patients. In fact, cortisone, heparin and similar (circular of the Ministry of Health of 26 April 2021) can only be administered in the hospital. Finally, on February 6, 2021, AIFA granted a temporary authorization for antibodies monoclonals (Lilly, Regeneron etc.) which have so far been administered in Italy only in patients a risk (heart disease, diabetic, cancer, transplant) in hospital and intravenously. It’s a matter of an expensive therapy (about 2,000 euros per single dose).

We therefore agree with Montagnier that the real pharmacological revolution will be that of antivirals, drugs theoretically able to block the virus, easy to take and low cost. The experience of antivirals against HIV and hepatitis B and C testifies to this. However, the use of simple-to-take drugs will stop the heavy logistics once and for all current, based more on heavy political choices than on serious clinical motivations. The recent history of the green pass and the current obsession of Speranza & C. with the third and fourth dose of vaccine (before the EMA decides on it!) testifies to the validity of our thinking.

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