Inventor of mRNA vaccine takes down the lie

Two hour podcast. If you already know Dr. Malone, you can skip 30 or 40 minutes of introduction and chat.

This podcast is about:

You make your own decisions, it’s your body.

Profound disillusion with public health

The Noble Lie

Full disclosure on experimental drugs and testing

Rights of individual versus state: interests of the state do not outweigh the individual, e.g., The Nuremberg Trials

Coercion, enticement, extortion

Natural selection of virus and evolution of virus. Herd immunity. How long will this epidemic last?

Vaccinate kids? Let them play.

“Regulatory capture”

Newspeak and controlling the language that we use. The Trusted News Initiative Consortium = George Orwell’s The Ministry of Truth in 1984


Shared values

Made in America versus what?

The cult of personality vs science

Dr. Robert W. Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, DNA vaccine technology, and RNA as a drug. Dr. Malone has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications, has over 11,477 citations of his peer reviewed publications, has been an invited speaker at over 50 conferences, has chaired numerous conferences and he has sat on or served as chairperson on numerous NIAID and DoD study sections. Dr. Malone has an amazing resume, and should be considered one of the most creditable & respected voices in regards to the mRNA tech used in the COVID vaccines, and instead, Dr. Malone has been censored & suppressed on many platforms.

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  1. Mike Zorn says:

    There was a 3 hour version that somehow disappeared.


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