Tony Fauci: “It’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

In a July 16, 2020 podcast, Dr. Tony Fauci says the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.”

Here is an excerpt from Fauci’s interview (starting at about the 4-minute mark:

“…If you get [perform the PCR test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-confident [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

In Fauci’s words. “It’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

Here is the video interview. Go to about 4:00 minutes in this interview:

or 4:00 minutes here:

The standard FDA method uses 40 cycles to calibrate the kits. On page 39: “Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.” FDA/CDC’s method document:

Each “cycle” or CT is far higher amplification of any nucleotide sequence fragments in the specimen taken from the patient which are homologous / compatible with the sequence in the PCR probes in the test kit. Too many cycles, and the test detects irrelevant biological material, known as a false positive, as explained in a series of previous posts:

Worldwide, people are being told they are infected with the Covid-19 virus on the basis of a false positive result. How many are false positives? I have not seen a study on that so far.

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport at has further explanations:

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