Corona virus intentionally modified with HIV

This is an important short read. Scientists in India published a report described below, then it was retracted. But about a month later Luc Montagnier (the renowned French virologist and Nobel prize winner in medicine and physiology, the co-discoverer of HIV) reported in a French television interview that corona virus C-19 has been intentionally manipulated by insertion of HIV sequence in specific regions of the corona virus which enhance its infectiousness in humans, a gain of function (GOF) not found in bats. Dr. Montagnier specifically mentions the Indian study. We still do not know if those GOF sequence segments were inserted in U.S. or in Chinese laboratories.

We do not yet know if the Chinese released the virus intentionally, but we do know that the Chinese covered up the release, and that it was not a bat from the nearby food market (which is their cover story), and we know that China allowed Wuhan people to travel internationally but not in China following release of the virus. We do not yet know the specifics of the involvement by the U.S. people with the Chinese lab, but we know that the original project came from a U.S. lab and was transferred illegally to China after the project had been shut down due to danger following a contamination or leak at the U.S. top-level containment laboratory of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The following is a translation from the German. The German language original is at the link below.

Study: Wuhan coronavirus contains unique components of the HIV virus By Andreas Lilge2.

February 2020 Updated: February 12, 2020 9:23

A group of biologists from the University of New Delhi have found elements of the HIV virus at crucial points in the new coronavirus. These spots are important for the virus to be infected. The gene sequences of the novel corona virus are being investigated at many institutes worldwide. A group of biologists at the University of New Delhi pointed out unique components of the new virus in their study published on bioRxiv. These components, which the researchers call “inserts”, were previously only known from the HIV virus. After its publication, the study is still pending a peer review. The researchers are members of the Kusuma School of biological sciences, Indian institute of technology (New Delhi-110016) and Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi (New Delhi-110019) India. The researchers were provided with several samples of Chinese coronavirus genes as the basis for their work. These were obtained from humans and bats. For comparison, they also used the extensive databases that are available worldwide for other types of corona virus. For their study, they used methods for gene sequence analysis and 3D modeling of viruses. The novel virus contains unique gene sequences The most important result of the study is the finding that at sites of the virus that are responsible for docking and penetrating into a host cell, sequences have been found that are previously only known in this form in the HIV virus; more specifically, the HIV mutations that are common in Asia and Africa. These sequences could not be found in the samples obtained from bats.

The scientists pointed out that although the HIV sequences were only “fragments” of the original sequences, their special arrangement would work together. This would give the virus its ability to be highly contagious and to use different cells as hosts. The novel corona virus is the most similar to the SARS virus, but has some differences. The question of whether there is a mutation or manipulation remains open The research team is not explicitly concerned with the question of how this variant of the coronavirus originated. They point out that the exchange of genetic material among unrelated virus strains is possible, but is not the norm. In particular, the very special variety that this virus represents seems very unlikely to them, according to previous experience. They also have no series of coronavirus mutations that would point in this direction. The clarification of how this virus originated is put in the room as an urgent question to be answered.”

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