Analysis of active shooters

Reading this 30 page FBI analysis of active shooters in America, one can only hope that the FBI applies similar diligence in analysis of shootings committed by FBI agents and other federal and state agencies, for example the shooting and murder of rancher Lavoy Finicum by FBI agents and Oregon State police. In that case, the FBI agents fired first at the rancher in his vehicle, then the agents denied they had fired until their spent cartridges were found.

Alas, it is only hope.  Too much secrecy and too much complexity in government means that citizens are virtually powerless to stop abuse of citizens by their government under color of authority.  It’s a giant self-protecting technocracy gone rogue and getting worse.  The government never asks or considers that their actions and inactions contribute to anger among citizens.  That anger will eventually be acted out in large events, for example the end of the Soviet Union, because there is no real redress of grievances committed by government.  The grievances committed by government are unaddressed and compounding.

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