California’s race to the bottom

“From hiring Eric Holder to fight the Trump Administration, to filing lawsuits to stop federal law enforcement, to signing legislation to make California a Sanctuary State, Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and the Democrats that run California have focused an enormous amount of taxpayer resources on people who are not California citizens. It would be one thing to do all that if California had no problems of its own. That, of course, is hardly the case.”

“Amidst that social justice crusade for non-Californians, the question must be asked: What is California doing for it citizens?”

“Well, let’s take a look.”

“Failing Education. Recently, student test results were reported by the State. According to the State press release, “California testing went smoothly for 3.2 million total students” – unless, of course, you care about the results. Staggeringly, only “48.56% of students met or exceeded the English language arts/literacy standards . . . [and] In mathematics, 37.56% percent of students met or exceeded standards.”

“Indeed, it is so bad in some school districts that teachers are forced to provide credit of 55% on assignments not turned in by students to prevent those students from failing. California also has permanently eliminated the exit exam that was designed to test whether students knew enough to be graduating.”

“If you assigned a letter grade to those results of school administration in California, wouldn’t that be an F- ?” More here from Forbes:

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