Social Justice?

Social justice?!  When the Pope sends his paedophile priests to prison, when the U.S. President begins to enforce existing immigration law instead of breaking it, when Hillary, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Holdren and their ilk sit in a prison cell, when politicians at all levels go to jail for deficit spending theft from the people they promised to serve, when the Federal Reserve is audited and shut down, when the U.S. government stops selling and giving weapons to friend and foe and stops trying to disarm its own citizens, when the government stops funding the killing of millions of babies, then we can talk about social justice. Until then, I will keep telling you social justice is just another con job. So-called “social justice” means one person controlling another, because the former thinks they are smarter than the latter. This is tyranny not justice. (Hat tip to Joel Kolbo.)

About budbromley

Life sciences executive, retired
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