Looking beyond fear and disinformation on pesticides and GMO’s

You might be interested in the articles at these three links. There is a huge amount of misinformation out there on GMO’s and pesticides. This first article is the UK government’s very large, long term study on pesticides, mortality and cancer. The results of this study were stunning and unexpected.


Then there is this from a US government handbook on pesticdes on the NIH website.                   http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/cpdb/pdfs/handbook.pesticide.toxicology.pdf

This third article discusses the precautionary principle as applied to GMO crops. http://goklany.org/library/Goklany%20BLR.pdf

Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, the local government voted recently to ban outright all new GMO foods from being grown here.  There were no discussions with scientists or even knowledgeable farmers.  Each Hawaiian island is a separate county.  Towns, villages, etc are not organized parts of government.  Local county officials in Kauai and Hawaii acted in haste and presumably with cautious intent, but without listening to opposing positions.  

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