What have Democrats done for women’s rights?

Posted on August 19, 2012 

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was against abortion.  She was a proponent of contraception. She fled the U.S. to avoid arrest for her position on contraception.  She set up the predecessor of Planned Parenthood when she returned to America . “Sanger coined the term birth control, opened the first birth control clinic in the United States , and established Planned Parenthood.”  (Margaret Sanger wiki)    Planned Parenthood was hijacked by abortionists after Sanger died.

Similarly, Greenpeace and the real environmental movement were hijacked by political radicals, according to Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, and others.  This hijacking technique has become a standard operating tactic for so-called liberal/progressives.  It has been used very successfully to take over the agendae from several of the very largest family trust funds and foundations which are now funding activities which the person who set up the foundation would immediately shut down or change its management.  The Democrats are once again attempting to hijack an issue with their claimed GOP “war on women.”  Republicans want to protect the rights of unborn children and the rights of Americans who believe they should not be contributing to the death of a viable child.  Democrats pay no attention to the rights of the innocent child or to the more than 100 million of their fellow Americans and instead maintain that only the mother has rights in the matter, including the right to kill a viable child.

To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical,” said Thomas Jefferson.  “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within. The essential causes of Rome’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, her consuming wars,” said historian Will Durant.  Democrats are enabling just such a destruction of American society.  The GOP stands against Democrats and their lack of morals, as it has historically.  The Republican Party was founded to free the slaves and it did; and then it fought across two centuries for civil rights for blacks, women, American Indians, and Hispanics, and today it fights for free markets, less government, lower taxes, and freedom from wars through strength.

Republican Senator Barry Goldwater and his wife Peggy were major supporters of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood in its pre-abortion days.  The Goldwaters built the organization in Phoenix into one of the largest chapters.  Planned Parenthood still gives out an award named after the Goldwaters.

Barry Goldwater was a true conservative Republican who ran against President Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) in 1964 and lost because LBJ smeared Goldwater with ads building hysteria and falsely associating Goldwater with nuclear bombs during the cold war.  That’s right, Democrats back in the 1960’s stirred up false hysteria just like Democrats are doing today, for example the Democrat anti-GOP narrative “war on women,” the global warming hysteria, throwing grandma off the Medicare cliff, Romney’s tax records, the threat of deregulation, and those GOP warmongers. It would be funny if these were not symptoms of Democrat social pathology.

The 19th Amendment was written by Susan B. Anthony and introduced to Congress by Senator Aaron Sargent, Republican of California. This amendment gave women the right to vote. Republicans continued to introduce the 19th Amendment in Congress year after year for 10 years, but Democrats kept it bottled up in committees.  In 1887 it finally reached the floor of the Senate, but was defeated. After this setback, advocates of women’s suffrage convinced state legislatures to pass bills giving women the vote. By the turn of the century, Republican-controlled states, including Wyoming , Colorado , and Idaho , had granted women suffrage.  Congress, however, didn’t vote on the issue again until 1914, when it was once again defeated by Senate Democrats.  It was subsequently brought up for a vote in January of 1915 in the House, where it went down by a vote of 204 to 174. Nonetheless, the Republicans continued to push even after it was defeated yet again in early 1918. President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, was against the women’s vote before he was for it so that he could survive an election.  Wilson decided to stop opposing Republicans only after his war, WWI, went so badly.

The GOP platform since 2000, Paul Ryan, I and practically all Republicans are on principle against abortion as a standard contraceptive practice, but that is in no way equivalent to a “war on women.”  Republicans want to protect the lives of children.  “The war on women” is Democrat election propaganda – a big lie repeated over and over again in order to try to win votes – and I believe that most women understand that.  This Democrat propaganda may win some elections, but it’s still a lie.

Most Republicans, most doctors, and most women understand that being against abortion on principle does not mean that all abortions are categorically banned or should be banned or illegal.  There are legitimate reasons for abortion.  Being against abortion in principle means that an individual or society does not believe abortion should be used as a standard method of birth control, and that is especially true if the child is viable.  To take the life of an innocent, viable child should be held by any moral society to a higher standard than simply a mother’s right to choose, especially since that mother is responsible in almost all cases for putting herself and her child at risk by waiting until the child is viable.  But, in any event, that unborn but viable child is innocent.

There are serious moral, ethical, societal and health issues with abortion, especially post-viable abortion, not the least of which are significantly increased risk of suicide by the mother and taking the life of an innocent, viable child.  Society via federal taxes should not be funding abortions or sterilizations because of the moral hazard involved; the risk is so large that it is uninsurable.  The risk is due to morally harming about half of the population, the half who believe in the depths of their being that killing a viable child is immoral, a crime against humanity, and they do not want their tax money to fund that crime.  The GOP platform does not mean that women who have abortions will be or should be punished by law.  The GOP platform does mean that people who perform illegal abortions (such as full term and partial birth abortions), and illegal sterilizations (such as sterilizations on people without their consent) should be punished by law.  The GOP platform means that both the mother and the child have inalienable rights.  As the child matures in the womb and becomes viable, the rights of the child increase with respect to the mother and eventually intersect.  The mother didn’t build that child by herself.

At the level of American society as a whole, the loss by abortions of about 1.2 million children per year, 50 million since Roe v Wade, weakens America’s demographics.  A society is well within its rights to mandate legal policies, such as protecting unborn children, if that society believes that policy, for example,  enables a more sustainable demographic.  The contrary argument is absurd.  The 50 minute video at the link by many international experts discusses the demographic winter and the decline of the human family which has already begun due to a variety of social and personal decisions including abortion, family size, and family values.


What have Democrats done for women’s rights?  Not much.  It’s difficult to identify positive contributions by Democrats, unless you have been misled to believe that non-traditional families, birth rates lower than replacement levels, and about half of women having at least one abortion by the age of 45 are positive developments.   A large number of Americans have been driven off the Chappaquiddick bridge by people they trust.  They are drowning and the driver is not coming back to help them.  One positive thing Democrats have done for women and men has been to provide a sharp contrast between selfish Democrats and a more moral, principled life following God’s natural laws and that has resulted in so many good looking, smiling, confident and successful Republicans.

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