Who else is responsible for Fast and Furious?

It is likely that Holder, Clinton and Axelrod conspired in the design of ‘Fast and Furious.’  Probably Obama approved it.  Most likely Eric Holder will stand trial in a civil case brought by families of those killed by “Fast and Furious.”  Holder will lose the civil case and be fined some millions of dollars, if he is responsible.  An Obama pardon won’t help him in a civil case.

But who else is responsible?  Could it be that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is negotiating the UN Small Arms Treaty and intends to link it to Fast and Furious.   Many think so.  Was the the Obama administration orchestrating Fast and Furious in order to sway U.S. public opinion so the public would allow the UN Small Arms Treaty to be ratified by the Senate, and failing that to be enacted by yet another Obama Executive Order?  Is this the unconstitutional and deadly plot that is concealed by DOJ documents and Obama’s claim of Executive Privilege?

Bill Whittle at Pajamas Media connects the dots for you in this 5 minute video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UFIpoL3jrfo#!

Fast and Furious was a re-start and modification of previous gun walking program shut down in the Bush administration, even run by the same administrator, but Fast and Furious was much weaker, no GPS tracking, no confiscation of the tracked weapons, no coordination withMexico, and 300 are confirmed dead.

And here is Eric Holder on CSPAN in 1995, reciting the narrative: “people need to be ‘Brainwashed’ about owning guns.”

The fingerprint of political motive in the Obama administration against 2nd Amendment interests is obvious.  Instead of doing their duty to protect and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Obama and his acolytes Holder and Clinton intend to change it even by any means possible, including murders.  Remember, the end justifies the means according to their Saul Alinksy training.

If the Obama administration had intended to stop the flow of guns, then they would have used GPS and made immediate arrests in a controlled operation with Mexican authorites, as was done in the program halted during the Bush administration.  The field operation in Arizona for both the Obama program and the Bush program were run by the same DOJ administrator.  But the Obama team didn’t do that.  Instead they ran an uncontrolled program with no GPS in the guns and no pick up of the gun runners and assault rifles, and no coordination with Mexican authorities.  As a result an estimated 300 died.  The only conclusion is that the Obama administration wanted a tragedy, wanted another crisis.  The Obama administration wanted to use that crisis to turn American opinion against gun retailers and guns.  They wanted an excuse to re-start the assault weapons ban of the Clinton administration, and to obtain Senate ratification of the UN Arms Treaty being negotiated by Secretary Clinton.   Their intent was to blame Bush, and indeed Holder attempted to do exactly that in his early Congressional testimony.  Claims that the Obama administration was acting in good faith are specious, without merit and will not hold up in criminal court.

  • AG Eric Holder lied to Congress, which was conducting a legitimate inquiry after death of a U.S. border patrol officer.
  • Holder withheld information from Congress after a legitimate subpoena
  • Holder is held in contempt of Congress, even Democrats in Congress agreed.
  • House authorized criminal charges to be filed against Holder, even Democrats agreed.
  • The decision to file criminal charges is left up to Ronald Machen, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia— who answers to Holder, and was appointed by Obama.
  • At DOJ request, Obama declares executive privilege to prevent criminal charges against Holder’s, which would have meant Holder’s removal from office, and to protect the withheld documents.
  • DOJ announces Holder will not be charged with criminal charges.
  • Most likely the House Republicans will move forward on civil charges against Holder.  (Precedent:  There was a civil case against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten for contempt of Congress, despite Bush declaring executive privilege.  The case was resolved when civil charges were brought in 2009, after Bush had gone into retirement, and the public — and political — notice given was minor.  But there were no deaths in this case.)
  • Along with the House’s civil case, the family of the slain U.S. border patrol officer will seek monetary damages along with perhaps hundreds of Mexicans.
  • President Obama could pardon Holder from criminal conviction if Obama is still in office, but Obama can do nothing to stop the civil trial of Holder and others.
  • You are kidding yourself if you think the family of the slain U.S. border officer/Marine war hero will not pursue Holder and whoever is responsible in civil court.

And all of the above we know BEFORE we know what’s in the wiretaps and the statements by the several whistleblowers.

Meanwhile, at the DOJ, the whistle blowers have been assigned to a DOJ administrator who vowed to “f–k” them.  http://www.grassley.senate.gov/about/upload/2012-06-29-CEG-DEI-to-DOJ-OIG-Thomasson-whistleblower-retaliation.pdf

Here is a good blog report linking Fast and Furious and the UN Arms Control Treaty  http://www.independentsentinel.com/2012/05/small-arms-treaty-of-2012-elimination-of-the-second-amendment/

For reference, here is the situation in the George W Bush administration that was covered by Executive Privilege after contempt of Congress by the Democrat-controlled House.  This was small potatoes mundane, less criminal than Watergate, and no one was killed, unlike the 300+ killed in Fast and Furious.

Per CNN:

Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten were accused of failing to cooperate in a congressional investigation into the mass firings ofU.S.attorneys and allegations that the White House was using the Justice Department for political aims. Their citations marked the first time White House officials had been found in contempt of Congress.  Republicans walked out.

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  1. budbromley says:

    “If ever a scandal illustrated political hypocrisy, it is this.” ~ San Diego Union Tribune.

    The President’s asserts executive privilege to deny Congress documents about the ‘gun walking’ program which The White House and DOJ both said they had nothing to do with. Huh?



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