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Climate warming and increasing CO2 cause plants to grow, which attenuate warming

In order to determine whether the overall impact of a substantial increase in the air‘s CO2 concentration on plant growth would likely be positive or negative, Lin et al. conducted a meta-analysis of pertinent data from 127 individual studies published … Continue reading

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Feeding the biofuels beast: Self-fulfilling Malthusian prophesy and regulations

March 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm “While the role that current U.S. bioenergy expansion has played in driving food prices is still debated,39,40 there is no question that at some point reallocation of U.S. croplands will directly impact global food … Continue reading

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TSA Abuse and Political Correctness

This TSA abuse is due to political correctness. The current government cannot bring itself to profile, even though profiling is clearly the best way to ID terrorists. Our society today is built on dishonesty, massive and broad on a personal … Continue reading

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Obama’s Green Jobs Agenda. You decide.

In 2009, President Obama promised with great confidence that he would reinvigorate the economy by using $90 billion in stimulus funding to create millions of good-paying renewable energy jobs.  So how are things going?  You decide. President Obama’s Green Jobs … Continue reading

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Prison America

Federal Judge Kathryn Forrest in NY, who was appointed by Obama, rejected this week the Obama administration’s legal motion to reverse her earlier injunction against the authority of the President to indefinitely detain Americans without trial using the U.S. military. … Continue reading

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Re-posting: Obama’s 5 Trillion Dollar Lie

Why isn’t the U.S. economy in a depression right now? The number one reason is because the federal government has stolen more than five trillion dollars from future generations since Barack Obama was elected and has used that money to … Continue reading

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Natural gas for cars is not a good solution today.

Oil and energy are expensive because the supply is controlled by government regulation.  Therein lies the political opportunity for any president or presidential candidate who honestly wants to turn around the U.S. economy.   Changing over from oil to natural … Continue reading

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Re-posting an important article by Walter Williams

“Immoral beyond redemption” An excellent dissection of the issue before America by Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University..

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A blockbuster invocation

The video at the link blow is a blockbuster invocation by Fr. Andrew at the 2012 Colorado Republican State assembly. The moral challenges facing our country are not caused by political affiliation, but rather by attacks on religious freedom.  He … Continue reading

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