Monitor for COVID-19 vaccine resistance evolution during clinical trials, by David A. Kennedy and Andrew F. Read

It is worthwhile to point out again that these three “must have” vaccine characteristics do not exist with any of the current Covid-19 vaccines. “To our knowledge, all documented cases of vaccine resistance can be attributed to the absence of at least one of three key features that most vaccines possess:
1) the vaccine induces an immune response that protects hosts by targeting multiple virus epitopes simultaneously, thereby generating redundant and evolutionarily-robust protection,
 2) the vaccine suppresses pathogen growth within hosts and stops transmission from vaccine-protected hosts, and 
3) the vaccine-induced immune response protects against all circulating serotypes of the target pathogen.”

Only this part of #2 exists: “the vaccine suppresses pathogen growth within hosts” and in current Covid-19 vaccines even that partial specification is limited to growth of some pathogen variants.

All of the current Covid-19 vaccines are “leaky.”

Hat tip to Sergey Larionov for reminding me of this previously posted paper’s prescience, which becomes more obvious by day.

Citation: Kennedy DA, Read AF (2020) Monitor for COVID-19 vaccine resistance evolution during clinical trials. PLoS Biol 18(11): e3001000.

Published: November 9, 2020

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